How I increased IOPS 200 times with XenServer and PVS

Virtual eXperience


In my previous blogpost I’m describing how the PVS 7.1 new Cache to Ram with overflow to disk does not give you any more IOPS than cache to disk.

During that test, I discovered that Intermediate Buffering in the PVS device can improve your performance 3 times on xenserver, but with some more experimenting I got up to 200 times the IOPS on a PVS device booted on Xenserver. Here is a little description of what I did and how I measured it.

First, a little disclaimer. This is observations done I a LAB environment, DO NOT implement this in production without testing properly.

I’m using IO meter to test, and here is my IO meter setup for this test and my previous cache to RAM test.

  • Target Disk: c:\
  • Maximum disk size 204800 (100MB)
  • Default Access specification
  • Update frequency 10 secs
  • Run time 1 minute

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