Citrix Profile Management 5.x

Profile Management 5.x

Updated: 2013-09-24

In this section

These topics contain up-to-date information about installing, configuring, and administering Profile management 5.x. These task-based topics help you set up the feature quickly and easily. You are assumed to have some knowledge of the Citrix product with which Profile management ships, and of Windows profiles in general.

Learn about the following important topics.

Get started

Learn about Windows profiles, decide whether Profile management is right for you, and find out how to put it into production.

About Version 5.x

Get an overview of how Profile management works and answers to frequently asked questions about this component. Review the new features and check known issues.

System requirements

Ensure your environment meets all the requirements before you install Profile management.


Plan your deployment of Profile management. Get answers to frequently asked questions about making profiles work on multiple platforms.


Read important information about upgrades and get answers to frequently asked questions on this subject.


Find solutions to implementation issues.

XenApp and XenDesktop

Review important information about XenApp and XenDesktop deployments involving Profile management.

The following additional documentation is designed to increase your productivity but is not contained in eDocs.

Frequently asked questions about troubleshooting


Frequently asked questions about licensing


Answers from experts to many questions about Profile management deployments


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