Citrix Storefront: Force “full screen mode” when launching Published Desktop.

source: ThePublishedApp

by Simon Daugbjerg on 30th September 2014

Normally when launching a published desktop you get the windowed mode – Which most users maximize any way. In XenApp 6.x you selected you wanted the published desktop to start in full screen through Citrix AppCenter, but in XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x you need to do this on your Citrix Storefront server.

This also enables the published desktop to spread automatically across 2 or more screens at launch. Not having to drag the windowed desktop between to screens and maximizing it is a total WIN for me and a lot of end users I bet.

First start by connecting to your StoreFront server and browsing to“C:initpubwwwrootCitrix”YourStore”App_Data” and locate the  Default.ica file.

Now edit the Default.ica file with notepad and insert the line DesktopViewer-ForceFullScreenStartup=true in the [Application] section like below.

You’re done !

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