Scaled up VM-Level Protection now GA (Reblogged from Virtual Geek)

Source: Virtual Geek

[UPDATED – 11/20/14, 7:32AM ET: VSAN notes, VCOPS link]

For people who love the idea of replication (local for recovery purposes and remote for DR purposes), but want it as software only (no hardware dependency at all), and with VM-level granularity – a new choice is now here.

“Hello World” from Recoverpoint for Virtual Machines.

You can get more here.


  • software-only VM-level IO splitter
  • software-only Recoverpoint Appliance
  • Rich services – deep device counts, broad replication RPOs (from sync to async, time based, change based).
  • snap and replicate techniques (think vSphere Replication as an example) = copies.  Recoverpoint is a continuous replication (journalled IO) technique – you can recover to any point in time.
  • Local and Remote replicas
  • Super efficient: compressed, deduped – in our experience the WAN efficiency is one of the highest of any replication approach on the market
  • Larger scale than vSphere Replication.   Scale target is about 1000 VMs per vSphere cluster.

For EMCers, EMC partners, and EMC customers (talk to your partner/EMCer) you can play with Recoverpoint for Virtual Machines using vLab starting NOW (

BTW – vLab our massive at scale (tens of thousands of labs every month, many times that in VMs created and destself-service portal for all our products and solutions – brought to the world on an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud build on the vRealize Suite on Vblock by the way!)

This means that ANY storage model – whether it’s EMC XtremIO, a customer using VSAN, a customer using an NFS datastore – anything – can have rich replication capabilities.   BTW, one important note – there is a restriction on the current release where the VMs that are protected can be on anything, but the Recoverpoint journal needs to be on a VMFS datastore.   This will be lifted in the future (clearly it must be if RP4V will be included with EMC’s Project Mystic – aka EMC’s EVO:RAIL++ appliance).

Also, a great link I saw after posting – the always awesome Matt Cowger has created a VCOPS aka vRealize Operations adapter for Recoverpoint for VMs, aka RP4VM4VCOPS 🙂  Get it here:

Check out the demo from Itzik Reich below.   Expect it to be available for anyone to use freely (of course, if you want support, you need to purchase) and easily downloadable soon!

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