VMware End-User Computing 2014 Recap and 2015 Predictions

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January 28, 2015 Sanjay Poonen

By Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM, End-User Computing, VMware

Looking back on my first full year leading the End-User Computer (EUC) team at VMware, I can’t help but echo Pat Gelsinger’s comments at VMworld: what a difference a year makes!

Since joining the team in August 2013, we have been working to fulfill our vision of delivering a virtual workspace to allow end-users to work at the speed of life. 2014 has proven to be a momentous year as we have shown the world our leap into leadership positions across desktop, mobile and content collaboration. As we jumpstart 2015, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the amazing accomplishments of 2014 and share some predictions on how I see VMware continuing to grow, excel and be the best for our customers in 2015. None of this would be possible without an incredible End-User Computing TEAM here at VMware that I am honored and grateful to lead.

Starting the Year Strong

At my first all-hands meeting, I told the organization that it didn’t matter where the bus was going and how the bus was going to get there, but what mattered was who was on the bus. This statement comes from the book by Jim Collins “Good to Great.” Those who have known me through my 20+ years in IT know that I am laser focused on grooming and recruiting the best team, and I have sought to do the same here at VMware. I sincerely believe we have the best EUC team in the industry – both internally groomed and externally culled. And they in turn are doing the same, cascading those values of people-centric management to all levels of the EUC team. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” as Peter Drucker said, so that continues to be my obsession at VMware.  So, if you’re a great talent, send me your resume!

We started off January 2014 with the VMware End-User Computing team hiring several industry veterans to strengthen the leadership bench, including Bob Schultz and Sumit Dhawan. In addition, VMware veteran Kit Colbert transitioned over to the group as CTO of the business. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that has contributed to much of the group’s success this year.

Toward the end of January, we announced our acquisition of the leader in enterprise mobility management and security, AirWatch,for $1.54 billion. As the biggest purchase in VMware history, AirWatch rounds out our end-user computing suite with industry leading enterprise mobility management and content management solutions throughAirWatch Secure Content Locker®. The acquisition also brought with it a team of 1,500 energetic people from the company headed by the very talented John Marshall and Alan Dabberie, along with 10,000 customers. Today, AirWatch boasts more than 2,000 employees and is continuing an incredible growth trajectory under VMware with over 15,000 customers and all VMware partners having access to this great technology.

At VMware Partner Exchange 2014, we announced a partnership with F5 Networksand a collaboration with NVIDIA and Googleto deliver graphic-rich apps to enterprise cloud desktops.

In March at Mobile World Congress, AirWatchlaunched its next-generation enterprise mobility management platform, AirWatch 7.0, which included a complete UI/UX redesign. AirWatch also introduced Teacher Tools to bring the power of an IT administrator to teachers using mobile devices in the classroom. Later in the month, we debutedHorizon Daas®, the industry’s first hybrid DaaS solution that gives customers an affordable way to blend public cloud desktops and on-premise VMware Horizon View™ private cloud desktops for a seamless end-user experience.

Customer-Centric Innovations

One of my highest priorities has always been getting direct feedback from customers because I get to hear how our solutions are being used and I also get to learn about the capabilities customers want to see in our future products. While we received very positive feedback about the new additions and partnerships we made earlier in the year, one of the requests I consistently heard from customers is that they wanted VMware to offer Windows applications as a service.

So in April, VMware launched Horizon 6, a flagship update to our desktop virtualization client that delivers RDS-hosted applications alongside virtual desktops through a single platform. Horizon 6 redefines desktop virtualization for organizations by providing a cost-effective solution to support end users who may only need access to a few applications on a mobile device or from remote locations.

AirWatch also achieved a few customer-centric milestones in Q2, announcing partnerships with Verizon and BlackBerry and achieving a landmark STIG approval, which cleared the AirWatch EMM platform for use in Department of Defense networks.

Leading the Industry with New Products and Partnerships

The third quarter continued to demonstrate major momentum. VMware acquired Cloud Volumes, a leading provider of real-time application delivery technology that enables enterprises to easily deliver native applications to virtualized environments on-demand.

We also introduced VMware Workspace Suite™ at VMworld U.S., a solution that seamlessly combines VMware Horizon, AirWatch EMM and AirWatch Secure Content Locker into a single desktop, mobile and content management solution that works across all devices. Customers consistently tell us that they need help simplifying the management of their critical assets, and this solution leverages Workspace Services to help them with that goal. VMware also debuted the tech preview of high-performance virtual desktops and workstation-class graphics running on NVIDIA and Google Chromebooks, and Just in Time Desktops that will bring persistent desktop performance and capabilities to non-persistent desktops without any impact on the user experience.

Following the theme of this year’s AirWatch Connect conference – “driving mobile innovation” – AirWatch debuted two new products, AirWatch Chat and AirWatch Video, to bring enterprise-grade security and user-friendly UI to SMS and video sharing applications. The team also updatedAirWatch Secure Content Locker, AirWatch Inbox and AirWatch Browser on the console and on every OS.

Also, as the consumerization of IT became even more integrated, our customers needed solutions to enable BYO Mac environments, especially for temporary or contracted employees. VMware and AirWatch addressed this challenge through the launch of Horizon FLEX, a policy-based containerized desktop solution for Mac, and expanded capabilities for AirWatch Mac Management that extends the ease of use of MDM to Mac management, including the new OS® X Yosemite.

Adding To The Partner Ecosystem

Partnerships continued to prove the power of the integration and innovation between VMware and AirWatch. In July, we announcedAirWatch was available to VMware’s network of 75,000 partners, which meant that it would be easier than ever before for prospective customers to try AirWatch’s industry leading EMM platform.

We then leveraged our joint solutions and relationships to secure some of the industry’s most premiere, strategic mobile partnerships. VMware and AirWatch together announced partnerships with innovating companies, including SAP, HP, Capgemini and Box. AirWatch also debuted AirWatch AppShieldpartner program that culminates the broad ecosystem of application partners for AirWatch. As organizations move from simple MDM to broader EMM, application delivery is one of the primary goals to drive the next generation of mobile innovation. Some of the first AppShield partners include Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and Xamarin. I think 2014 could easily be called the, “Year of the EUC Ecosystem!”

VMware and AirWatch had a major presence during October’s Internet of Things World Forum and took on a leadership role in setting new standards for the future of our industry. By joining the Industrial Internet Consortium and partnering with IoT innovator Jasper, we proved that we will be ready as the next wave of connected devices enters the workforce.

Continuing its growth trajectory, in Q4 AirWatch hit a landmark 15,000 customers globally, nearly doubling its closest competitor. Customers that are driving mobile innovation with AirWatch in 2014 includeDelta, Sprint, Merck, BGBCMaxazria andCoachella Valley Unified School District.

Industry leadership, a strong partner ecosystem, innovative products and happy customers were the clear themes of 2014. Culminating those efforts, VMware Horizon was recognized as the leading virtual desktop platform by Gigaom Research and AirWatch EMM was named a “Leader” or equivalent in every principal analyst report this year. We truly have the industry’s most flexible, complete and competitive EUC products and are excited to bring further innovation and integration into 2015. We aren’t just living in the Mobile Cloud era, we are leading it.

Looking Forward To Next Year

VMware made a lot of progress this year and customers believed in our vision because they could see the practical applications of our solutions for the problems they’re facing today, and the bold mission we plan to undertake for the future. Today, we representinnovation to our customers, while much of the alternatives in the market representlegacy.

As I look ahead to 2015, I believe a few trends will come together, so below are myTop 5 End- User Computing 2015 Predictions for the coming year.

Gone are the days of silos. I believe enterprises will begin to execute more holistic “Workspace“ strategies, encompassing both desktop and mobile transformations. The typical consumer of IT services will continue to access applications that span across Windows, web and mobile platforms. Rather than continue to treat each as separate silos, CIOs will help define core desktop/mobile architecture teams within their organizations. These teams will map out the technology landscape and decision criteria for the organization to implement a true mobile strategy that encompasses application and data delivery across Windows, web and mobile platforms. TCO savings and improved data security will be realized through more centralized management and governance via tools capable of managing applications and data in a highly heterogeneous endpoint landscape. In short, the equivalent of the software-defined data-center is the software-defined workspace that allows us to fulfill the vision we laid out this year of “bringing the virtual workspace that allows end-users to work at the speed of life.”I see Identity Management such as single sign on (SSO) taking center stage as organizations simplify access to the various cloud-based applications in the enterprise. Not only will there be a need for authentication tools such as biometrics (e.g. fingerprint and eye print verification), but IT will increasingly adopt a unified form ofidentity management to streamline adding or removing access to these applications.Hybrid Cloud Computing will be key. IT will increasingly adopt a unified approach to Desktop, Mobile, Social, Content, Identity Management and more, to enable seamless access to information and applications running on-premise, in the cloud or natively on a user device. By unifying the approach to identity, IT will be able to enable seamless access in a service-oriented fashion.In 2014 we made the first steps toward enabling a connected Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise with our partnership announcement with Jasper. In 2015, I see an adoption in practical enterprise IoT use cases. Network World recently shared a few use cases featured at the IoT World Forum, where AirWatch’s chairman Alan Dabbiere gave a keynote presentation. I predict these use cases will become more prevalent in 2015 and IoT will further help IT achieve complex business goals.In the world of Content Collaboration, organizations will realize that collaboration will no longer be a nice to have but a must have. Companies will demand social elements to content collaboration without vast integrations and investments.

If I were to sum up 2014, I would say that it was a year of rapid innovation. It was a team effort all around and I look forward to bringing the same level of excitement and innovation in 2015 so stay tuned!

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