DC Promo post Checklist


Things to check after dcpromo:

1) Check inbound and outbound AD replication:

To determine this, execute: REPADMIN /SHOWREPL /REPSTO

Make sure all last attempts are really recent, and at least within the tombstone lifetime of the AD forest

2) If the DC is a GC, check it has finished the build of the GC partitions and it is advertising itself:

To determine this, execute: Get-WinEvent -LogName “Directory Service” | ?{$_.Id -eq 1119} | FL

3) Check the SYSVOL has been initialized and finished initial replication

To determine this, execute: Get-WinEvent -LogName “DFS Replication” | ?{$_.Id -eq 4604} | FL

4) In addition, check the NETLOGON and SYSVOL shares are in place:

To determine this, execute: NET SHARE

5) Check Event Logs:

The following event logs will help determine the health of the DC. Check the events with warnings or errors and resolve anything that needs to be resolved:

Event Logs:

Directory Service
DFS Replication
File Replication Service
DNS Server

6) Run DCDIAG:

To do this, execute: DCDIAG /C /D /V


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