Citrix PVS database Move


How to Migrate a Provisioning Services Database to a New SQL Server


This article will cover the steps necessary to migrate an existing PVS database to a new database on an existing SQL server or to a new database on a new SQL server.


  1. Backup the existing PVS database.
  2. Restore the PVS Database on the new SQL server following Microsoft best practices for database restoration.
  3. Shutdown all target devices.
  4. Run the configuration wizard on the first PVS server and choose “Join existing farm”.
  5. Specify the new server and database and finish running the wizard.
  6. Complete the previous step for all PVS servers in the farm.
  7. Begin booting the target devices.

My environment is using provisioning server 5.6. 1.1045 (soon to be upgraded).  Can’t wait to see the RAM overflow feature.

Services run as domain account =  service name

Citrix PVS Ramdisk Server = Manual

Citrix PVS Soap Server = Automatic

Citrix PVS Stream Service= Automatic

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