ESX Deployment Appliance (EDA) from VMware Solution Exchange

Source: VMware URL


EDA is an appliance dedicated to deploying ESX servers fast and easy. It has a scriptbuilder to quickly create %post-scripts so the ESX servers are not only installed very quickly, but also completely configured for direct import into vCenter.

  • esx deployment
  • script builder
  • deploy AND configure

Comment on this appliance

New in 1.05; Small update to support more installation media for the ESXi 5.x installer. also redeployed with WS9

New in 1.02; full support for ESXi 5. includes scripts for the new version and supports older hardware where the installer doesn’t recognize any local disks!

New in v0.95- Full ESXi installable scripting – new Scriptbuilder editor (should be way more intuitive)- lots of new scriptlets!New in v0.9- ESX 4 support
– Stateless ESXi 4 support
– ESXi 4 installable support
– Boot from SAN support (esx4 only)
– (Initial) console configuration

New in 0.87:
Don’t forget to download the latest patch (0.87-1) for some fixes on hostname input and more! patch 0.87-1
– editing the order of the scriptparts
– bulk creation and deletion of ESX hostnames/ip
– an fs.php page that allows for small remote updates
– ESXi support fixed again

New in 0.85:
– ESXi support (it works- just not unattended yet. hints appreciated!)
– new scriptbuilder interface. makes building scripts even easier and more accessible
– scriptpart editor. rudimentary but working nicely 😉

new in v0.81:
– samba passwords are changed now too
– user password configurable
– support for dhcp number when unconfigured
– persistent network names removed (finaly- now it always uses eth0)
– some work on the interface has been done (configuration pages)
– rebuilt the harddisk to cleanup the vmdk file (saves another 200mb)
Quick setup guide

new in v0.80: some added features:
– root password in ks.cfg now configurable from interface
– fqdn names of ESX hosts derived from hostname entry and DHCP domain
– fixed the active adapters to VSwitch script
– a stop button for DHCP
– initial dhcp configuration
– removed apparmor
– fixed some VM compatibility between workstation and esx
– complete rebuild on the bootstrapped 8.04 JeOS appliance!

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