About Me

The purpose of this blog is more of a generic knowledge base. Disclaimer: Material on this blogged are reposts. No copyright infringement intended.Too many shortcuts/favorites and I worry that links or blogs may change. I am simply gathering kb artcles and information with links to the source. I may have some gotchas that I insert into the post. Some poss are sharing new technologies that is in development. I do not publish any documents that I have created for the companies I work for. One obviously is security, and secondly I am not publishing documentations written for the company from a standpoint of being paid by that company for that documentation.

A little about me, I started in computers at the age of 9 in 1982 while I was in 2nd grade with the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. Atari 2600 was the talk of my friends and I was lucky to have one. I was really lucky to have is the TI-99/4A, then I graduated to the Apple IIe in the forth grade after pleading with my father to cash in college fund. That brings me to the present.

I am systems engineer/infrastructure superivisor that started out as a Sys admin at the age 25 and the network engineer backup in 1998-2000. I stayed on the systems path at with expertise in many areas of technologies experience ranges from Novell NDS, NT 4.0, DNS Bind, Unix, Linux, SQL, Active Directory (upgrades, replication issues, domain trust implementation, etc), EMC VNX 5300, VNX 5600, EMC NS120, HP storage, e-faxing, Exchange, Hypervisor technologies (VMware, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V), Citrix, and all versions of Windows Servers since NT 4.0 and a multitude of application infrastructure servers with attention to security compliance with PCI  and HIPAA regulations.

My hope is to learn, relearn the changes since 2000 in Cisco IOS plus the new technologies such as NX-OS and learn Cisco VoIP.
Education: Besides the real world experience?
KU majoring in dropping out.
Meramec Community college that I am short 4 credits in Management of information:network specialist…
Washington University night classes semester that I had to drop out of because of a lot of business traveling.

Those four credits that I mentioned earlier?
Internship paper after my internship that got me hired from the a teacher who was an I.T. manager teaching network design and network optimization and troubleshooting and a P.E. class. Shouldn’t 4 high school varsity letters countas college A.P?

I took time off from college to become a Novell Systems Administrator at a very large corporation. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates also took time off, but I am sure they have received honorary degrees.
Don’t get me wrong, I would love to finish my college education.  I am 18% through a BS in Information Systems: Security at Western Governors University.  So I will

Family comes first. When the kids get to that certain age, where hanging out with dad is not cool, I am squeezing in a degree that should have been finished long ago.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t read a LOT of technical books.

OFFICIAL TRAINING – Minus real world implementations, technical book, web blogs, YouTube, KB articles and a lot of white papers.

New Horizons: 6451B Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007
System Center Configuration Manager 2007
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
New Features in Exchange Server 2010 SP2
Citrix XenApp 6
Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1
CBT Nuggets: Active Directory with R2 Updates (70-640)
VMware vSphere 5
Exchange Server 2010 High Availability
Best Practices for Running XenApp / XenDesktop on vSphere
Citrix XenServer 6
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator (70-647)
Windows Server 2012 Installing and Configuring (70-410)
Windows 7 Deployment (70-681)
VMware vSphere Troubleshooting
Managing VMware vSphere with PowerCLI
Microsoft Server Virtualization
UMSL: Introduction to SQL Server Administration v.2005
Quilogy: Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
TechSkills: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure (70-642)
New Horizons:3236L: VMware vSphere: VCP5-DCV
Studying taught me valuable lessons of the technology.  Technology and Photography are my hobbies, so I am very grateful that I enjoy my career and that it is constant learning.

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