Boot from SAN 101 with Cisco UCS | JeffSaidSo

  1. UCS Manager Tasks
    1. Create a Service Profile Template with x number of vHBAs.
    2. Create a Boot Policy that includes SAN Boot as the first device and link it to the Template
    3. Create x number of Service Profiles from the Template
    4. Use Server Pools, or associate servers to the profiles
    5. Let all servers attempt to boot and sit at the “Non-System Disk” style message that UCS servers return
  2. Switch Tasks
    1. Zone the server WWPN to a zone that includes the storage array controller’s WWPN.
    2. Zone the second fabric switch as well. Note: For some operating systems (Windows for sure), you need to zone just a single path during OS installation so consider this step optional.
  3. Array Tasks
    1. On the array, create a LUN and allow the server WWPNs to have access to the LUN.
    2. Present the LUN to the host using a desired LUN number (typically zero, but this step is optional and not available on all array models)

The rest of the in depth steps and the source of the above steps are found a Jeff Said So Blog