PowerCLI Extensions – Fling of course!

Source: Fling Labs


Note: The functionality of this Fling has now been introduced into a release of PowerCLI. Whenever possible, use the latest supported version of PowerCLI, which can be downloaded here.

VMware PowerCLI is one of the most successful command line tools for managing your VMware products. With the many existing cmdlets designed for the system administrator or vSphere Admin, PowerCLI is the easiest and most powerful tool for managing your environment.

In the recent release of vSphere 5.5, the following new features were announced:

  • vSphere Flash Read Cache
  • VMware Virtual SAN

This fling adds a PowerShell module with PowerCLI cmdlets for managing vSphere Flash Read Cache and VMware Virtual SAN.

For more information see: PowerCLI is the best tool for automating management and configuration of VMware vSphere