Start and Stop script for exchange 2010

Stop exchange – 

net stop msexchangeadtopology /y
net stop msexchangefba /y
net stop msftesql-exchange /y
net stop msexchangeis /y
net stop msexchangesa /y
net stop iisadmin /y
net stop w3svc /y

Start Exchange –

net start msexchangeadtopology /y
net start msexchangefba /y
net start msftesql-exchange /y
net start msexchangeis /y
net start msexchangesa /y
net start iisadmin /y
net start w3svc /y


EMC VNX | David Ring//

A new feature with the release of VNX Rockies(Block OE 5.33 & File OE 8.1) was the ability to Shutdown the Entire Array using either a single command or via the ‘Power Off’ button in the Unisphere GUI. This feature is also available for first generation VNX storage system’s, from VNX OE code release & onwards.
These options are supported on Unified, Block and File systems.

Power Off via CLI
The new CLI option extends the nas_halt command to include a new switch to power down the entire system :
nas_halt –f –sp now
This will power off Control Stations, Data Movers and the Storage Processors.
usage: nas_halt [-f] [-sp] now
Perform a controlled halt of the Control Station(s) and Data Mover(s)
-f Force shutting down without prompt
-sp Shut down Storage Processors on unified platforms

Power Off via Unisphere
From Unisphere GUI navigate to the System List page:

Once you hit the ‘Power Off’ button a dialog box appears and from here you enter the array serial number in order to confirm shutdown:

Final Confirmation:

DAEs are not powered off.