BGinfo on Physical Servers or VMware Guests

Creating a custom BGInfo configuration

    1. Download the file from the same Technet page above
    2. Extract the bginfo.exe from the .zip to a folder other than startup folder.  I use c:utilities.
    3. Run bginfo.exe and create your customized config
    4. Save the config using the File > Save Settings menu (put the new .bgi file in the same folder your saved the bfginfo.exe)
    5. Create a shortcut for the bginfo.exe file
    6. Right click on the new shortcut and chose Properties
    7. bginfo shortcut propertiesbginfo command line optionsChange the target field to use the following command line options:

The target field already contains the path to the bginfo.exe. Add the .bgi file name and the timer:0 option

C:UtilitiesBgInfoBginfo.exe vmetc.bgi /timer:0

The screenshots to the right show the different command line options and the target field modified in the shortcut properties. Click for larger images.

  1. Save the shortcut in the same folder with the .exe and .bgi file
  2. Place a copy of the shortcut in the VM’s Startup folder.

To deploy the custom BGInfo config to multiple Guests or Physical Servers

  • Make a gold image template with BGInfo already installed and configured, and deploy your VMs from this template.
  • Push BGInfo to multiple guests or physical servers, save the .bgi file to a network share and make sure the BGInfo shortcut uses the correct path. Push the shortcut to the Startup folder of all your VMs.

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